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Twitch Integration

For the past few months I've been working on a Twitch program and have recently started work on an extension.

While the program is working well, I'm having some issues with the extension.

Upon export, there are two things I have to do each and every time, and it's getting a little annoying. Having a checkmark that would fix this would be a lot easier.

1) I want my extension to be transparent, so it appears on top of other things. This means that each time I export the html, I have to go into the style.css and remove the following from the top:

background: #000000;

color: white;

2) Also upon export, I have to go into the index.html and add in:

<script src=""></script>

Doing this each and every time I want to test something has become second nature by now, but it took several months before I got into the habit. Automating this somehow would be great!

I'm having additional issues with connecting Construct 3 to Twitch regarding the extensions, and if we can have a plugin that takes all the hard work out of it, I think it would be incredible!

  • Andy Ford
  • Sep 8 2020
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