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Smart Folder Structure Export


When you create folders inside "Files" folder and export the game, all this files going at the game folder without any structure.


I believe if we have the folders also after export this would be awesome. So to have something like this example below:

Inside Construct 3:




After export:






*No need to create "Files" folder. This kind of export will exist if someone create a folder inside. Otherwise, the export remain as is.

  • Guest
  • Sep 2 2020
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  • Henrik Szűcs commented
    08 Sep 14:12

    It might be an option same as "Cordova IOS sheme" in project property

  • Guest commented
    08 Sep 12:02

    Ok Ashley, I understand. Thank you!

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    08 Sep 10:51

    I think this would be very difficult to do without breaking existing projects. Currently projects can request a local URL like "data.txt" and still find the correct file even if the file is in a subfolder, because as you noted everything is actually exported flat. If we made this change, all projects doing that will now be broken, because the URL has changed. So keeping backwards compatibility with this seems to be really difficult.

  • Guest commented
    06 Sep 10:31

    Hi Ashley, What you think about the idea above? Would be easy to do it? Thanks!

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