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Help Brashmonkey fix the SPRITER plugin. (API Update)

After being in contact with Brashmonkey it seems like they require an API update in order to implement the Spriter plugin correctly, Please help them with this. Many depend greatly on spriter for their projects, and in its current state, the workflow is impossible to work with

Current issue: re-imported spriter objects will not overrite previous objects. Instead every import creates a copy of both the animation object and its related sprites.

This is the link to Edgar's original post (brashmonkey):

(Sorry I couldn't find this post until Edgar wrote about it in the comments)

  • Dennis Ramberg (Pixel Shade)
  • Aug 27 2020
  • Declined
  • Aug 27, 2020

    Admin response

    It would be more helpful to file a suggestion that actually describes what needs changing, and vote on that instead. From just this, it's not clear what needs to be done, so please collaborate with Brashmonkey if necessary to identify an actionable suggestion, file that if it's not already filed, and then vote on that.

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  • Guest commented
    28 Aug 22:33

    @Ashley, feel free to message me on the forums if you need any additional info

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug 22:27

    The issue was posted here May of last year if you want to vote on it:

    Feel free to request additional info if needed.

  • Dennis Ramberg (Pixel Shade) commented
    28 Aug 06:43

    Thanks for the quick reply admin. Sorry for the vague inquiry, I hate these myself working as a system developer. I have reached out to Brashmonkey and asked them to clarify what they need. My game project is dependant on Spriter, and because of C2 is being depricated this issue really needs to be resolved. I have spend about ~5000hours on the project already, and this issue is currently causing inefficient workflows, and loss of work hours.

  • bird boy commented
    27 Aug 20:06

    That's something Construct is severely lacking even after multiple years, an officially maintained plugin for bone animations (by either the construct devs or the animation software devs).

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