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Browse dependencies graph, Disengage code consistency checking system

When a Construct project requires some refactoring, a simple tasks can be a pain to perform like for example changing the type of a function argument from boolean to integer. May I suggest 2 improvements, unless I overlooked features or extensions which would cover these needs:

1. Massive search & replace which temporarily breaks the overall code consistency of the project not being allowed for obvious and sound usability reasons, it would be useful to be able to engage / disengage at will the consistency checking system. Whilst disengaged, temporary states of inconsistency would be possible, e.g. allowing a same function to appear with different signatures in different parts of the project. The instances not conforming to the function definition would be highligted in red and listable, like compilation errors would in a purely code-based framework, and browsing this list would be a more convenient way to perform the change in several steps, than with just the "Search" and "Find all references" current features.

2. "Find all references" is very convenient but challenging to use in order to navigate the graph of dependencies. "Backwards" and "Forward" buttons to reach different previous states of this dialog would help. The possibility to open several "Find all references" dialogs at the same time would help even more. The top notch feature would be an indented or graphical map of the dependencies graph allowing for quick jumps between connected functions, objects, variables etc.

Do you have plans to improve the ease of refactoring tasks / browsing the dependency graph in Construct?

Thank you!

  • Stéphane Martin
  • Aug 15 2020
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