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Custom Splash screen and preloader

More details about the feature is here

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  • Jul 16 2020
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    17 Jul 11:13

    With this limitation the loader layout is just a poor solution

  • Guest commented
    17 Jul 11:11


    1- The problem is everyone know that first loader layout belong to construct and you can easily identify the games who made by construct because of this Preloader

    2- The ugliness I’m graphic guy and to me the good looking is something important my problem is (I can’t change the font of the percentage Text or the color & style of the loading bar to match the style of my game )

    3- Again showing Custom loading screen after a ugly loader is poor solution

    The right solution is to have combination between Splash screen and loader

    The professional solution to me is First a Show a Splash screen for 3 sec and then the loader show up above I believe the is a cordova plugin who could help to make that true