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Trail behavior.

As briefly discussed here:

Some of the main methods we have today to make trails are the following.

  1. Generating sprites on the fly between 2 points (

  2. Making sprites follow other sprites like a rope (

  3. Making particles (

  4. Making it through scripting and canvas (

They are all useful in their own way, but the latter (4) can become the best looking and most performant implementation if done right. I believe it is also the one with the most customization potential.

My idea is that many projects have a use for trailing and therefore it would be useful to have this implementation as a behavior as to not force users to unnecessarily delve into hard javascript and canvas coding.

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  • Jul 16 2020
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  • skymen commented
    17 Jul 17:22

    Basically, C3 currently has no way to create proper, good looking, trails.
    By that I mean a trail that looks nice, is customiseable, performant, and that doesn't break up when moved quickly or rotated.

    In the 4th example, I wrote some code that draws a trail over invisible sprites using a canvas. Here is the C3P:

    The way I draw that trail is pretty similar to Unity's trail system, with progressive fall off in opacity, width and some other things. However, for it to be efficient enough to run smoothly in a real game, I had to write parts of it in JS, and this is absolutely not something anyone can do.

    So everyone else just default to the 3 first trail solutions that are both not customiseable, and look pretty bad (and are sometimes too perf heavy).

  • Guest commented
    17 Jul 11:24

    Well, I really don't know what to say, except that the tools we have for making trails without coding are not very good for this purpose. And what I need as a developer is something that resembles the 4th example. It's clean, beautiful and is definitely the most polished looking one. I would kindly ask for you to speak to @Skymen because he's the one who made the example and has the technical knowledge to say what is necessary.

    I believe the discussion I linked at the top of this idea could be the ideal place to further this discussion because he is also a part of it. But with all my heart I believe this can be done, unfortunately I just don't have the technical savvy to say how.

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    17 Jul 11:05

    Behaviors can't draw anything. So either this can't be a behavior and has to be something different, or the behavior just controls spawning objects, a bit like the particles object using object mode. It's not really clear to me which you are asking for or how it'd work. Should it be a shader effect? A new kind of effect? If it's just spawning instances, aren't events sufficient for that?