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Particle set object to family

Currently, when you set a whole family as a particle object, the particle will spawn a random object from that family.

In my view, to maintain the instance picking consistence, it should only spawn the currently picked object (you can still make it spawn random objects via "Pick Random Instance" condition, so it's a win-win).

The reason for this would be to be able to make "reactive" particles - such as whenever a projectile from a gun collides to a wall, it'll spawn that very projectile as a particle.

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  • Jun 11 2020
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  • Guest commented
    19 Jun 00:54

    Nope. You'd have to make a condition for every single object from that family

    Hmm, so this wouldn't be viable? I meant it for simulating like "environment desctruction" in your games and such (different particle for each object hit)

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    12 Jun 10:57

    Isn't this already possible with the 'Set particle object' action?

    Currently the object spawning has no interaction at all with the event system - so it doesn't seem to make sense to say that should depend on object picking. There are never any objects picked when Particles spawns objects, because it does that itself outside of the event sheet.

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