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"Pick Highest/Lowest value" condition

Please add a condition similar to "Object Pick Highest/Lowest", but allowing to pick by any value, not just by instance variable.

Examples of usage:

* find an instance which has the lowest/highest X coordinate
* find the largest/smallest instance
* find an instance with highest opacity
* pick enemy with highest (

Currently to do this we need to loop through instances and use temporary local variables, which is quite inconvenient.

  • dop2000
  • Jun 10 2020
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  • tarek2 commented
    2 Sep, 2020 03:17pm

    Definitely, this is a must-have, I hope you add it, this is a need in almost every project and could make the life so much easier instead of having to loop constantly to set variables then check the highest.

  • XpMonster commented
    1 Aug, 2020 08:25pm

    A must have IMO

  • bilgekaan commented
    15 Jul, 2020 12:23am

    You can create an instance variable and use it to get the same result. For example, if you want to select the highest opacity you can create an instance variable called "op" and set this variable to self.opacity and use it on pick condition.

  • Guest commented
    26 Jun, 2020 08:03pm

    +1 to this. Just ran into a situation where having this kind of conditions would be extremely useful.

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