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Multiple "On Functions"

I have a section of code that will perform a series of actions related to Twitch. In C2 it will download a set of JSON code when someone speaks in chat, make it easily readable, then I call an "On Function" when it's complete.

The "On Function" will perform different actions based on the words spoken in the Twitch chat and the current Construct layout.

For example, if someone wrote "!join" on one layout, it will trigger a series of actions. It will then perform different actions on a different layout from the same word.

This has been problematic with Construct 3, as I find I am limited to just the single "On Function".

If I try to copy/paste it renames it to "On Function2"... which means it won't get called.

I can only imagine that you want us to have all of our functions in the same event sheet (such as if layoutname = blah), but as I hate jumping around event sheets, I try to put events associated with a layout within that layout's event sheet.

I understand that the majority of the time, people will want many actions to call a single function, however I have need for the exact opposite.

If someone says something specific on a certain layout, I need it to do something there. I have no idea why we're restricted to just the one "On Function" as it's just creating a messy code for me.

  • Andy Ford
  • Jun 9 2020
  • Declined
  • Jun 9, 2020

    Admin response

    Only allowing a single "On function" event was a key design goal of the new built-in functions in Construct 3. It's one of the reasons the new functions are much faster, it works closer to how functions in real programming languages do, and working with this restriction probably makes your events better organised too. It's not something we want to reverse.

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