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Change look of array editor

I've been using construct for years, and have always gotten used to the way in which arrays are displayed within the debug preview. At the moment, when you click on them, they display the width on the left and the height effectively along the top.

I loaded up the new C3 array editor, and just jumped in, not paying attention to the width and height controls at the top.

Only after I added in 50 rows of information and tested it, did I realise that I had done it wrong. I then had to redo everything, which resulted in me having the two methods side by side.

I get that width is horizontal and height is vertical, but what's the big reason for visually portraying it that way in an editor? I mean, there's a reason you have it shown the opposite way in the debug.

Check out the attached image below. In one I can very easily read everything, in the other, I get four or five words at max.

I now have a huge empty space below the array, as I only need to have 4 height.

Is is possible to change it, as frankly, even though, as I said, it makes sense, it looks really silly, and is harder to work with. At least, might we get a button that will swap the width and height, so people can enjoy both visuals?

I was really happy with the way it looked before I realised I messed up. Now I've done it correctly, and it looks stupid.

As I mentioned, when I load it up in the debug it looks good, as it is easy to read. I assume you did it this way for a reason.

I imagine most people will want more width than height, so it makes sense to have them as rows instead of columns. People working with arrays with a height of 1 will only need to change the size/width of the cell once. If I wanted to do that with the current set up, I need to do it 50 times, which will result in a HUGE amount of scrolling to the right just so I can read everything.

Visually, it is not pleasant, nor efficient.

  • Andy Ford
  • May 29 2020
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  • Andy Ford commented
    30 May 04:27pm

    Nope, scratch that, I was right the first time! All transpose does is invert it. Meaning I COULD make it look good for when I'm setting things up, but I need to remember to transpose it before I actually run the code. I'm going to stick with my original request :)

  • Andy Ford commented
    30 May 04:16pm

    Just realised that this is already in the code by right clicking on the array and clicking "transpose"... so... my bad! :D

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