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An IconSet File that can be used in Text or SpriteFont BBcode.

In RPGMaker, there is a classic system image: iconset.png
It a collection contains the system icon, skill icon, item icon, weapon icon, etc. When it used in the event, the placeholder permutation symbol can be used to display the corresponding icon, such as \I[n], and n is the corresponding image number.

So, is it possible to set a special IconSet in construct 3? For example, it could be a plugin like Text, SpriteFont. It can also be a folder object like Scripts.

  1. It's like tilemap, grid cells. You can set the size of the grid in the property, as well as the grid offset.

  2. You can also set a tag for each cell by clicking on it, And you can refer to it in a way similar to BBcode when you need to, such as "That a [icon tag=goblin, size=12, onClick=function_name, hover=function_hover] goblin."

  3. It includes properties such as Size, Angle, position offset, opacity, alignment, origin Image Point Settings, color overlay, and support for using variables to set.

  • Guest
  • Apr 3 2020
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  • Guest commented
    6 Apr 05:30pm

    spritefont You must associate them to a character, that is very difficult to manage. he can't make a pattern correspond to a label.

    you have to consider some not english Sprite font. In case, icon images is not placed with the sprite font. For example, in Asian languages, a font has thousands of characters, It was difficult for use a sprite font, only use Text.

    So, how do you solve the problem of inserting a SpriteFont character in Text.

  • Chris commented
    6 Apr 04:14pm

    Why can't you do this with sprite font? Just create a sprite font with all your icon images in it and associate them to letters. It supports BBCode, color tinting, and loads of other stuff.

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