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UI - Quick edit of Event values


Just a quick time-saving idea; nothing exactly groundbreaking about it, maybe shave off a click or two for repetitve tasks in the Event Sheet View for most people!

But I feel I keep thinking about how I would use this idea very often if it was there.
Hopefully it is a small change under the hood of C3, I can live without this of course but could be beneficial for newcomers and others maybe. Anything to help beef up the timeless Event Sheet View!

Suggestion: When in the Event Sheet View, if the user clicks on the text of the event where there is a value (See attached image for visuals), then it could essentially become a textbox and instantly highlight the text, allowing the user to type immediately and either click elsewhere to finish, or press Enter to finish.

Also I feel this does not break anything in the Event Sheet View; you could still highlight events by clicking anywhere else on the event (Maybe make this suggestion toggleable in settings in case it did ruin someones flow that are used to the way the Event Sheet View behaves).
If multiple events are being selected, this suggestion could be disabled temporarily to prevent the following situation: "I am CTRL+Clicking events, then on the 10th event I accidently clicked into the text of the event and now i've lost my highlighted events, ugghh!"

I feel this would be useful in many cases for time saving; those times when designing certain systems with events (In my case, GUI, menu screen systems in a project; sometimes UI variables and unique text need to be hardcoded as events, lots of copy and pasting (but ofcourse using loops when possible).
This could also be useful for situations where you need to copy & paste here and there:
[With suggestion: Click directly onto an event value, copy, then click onto another event value elsewhere, paste.]
[Without suggestion: Double clicking on event, click value, copy, press Enter, then go to other event to double click, click into value, paste, press Enter.]

The suggestion would be lessening the clicks, because when many small edits are needed, those extra clicks do add up!

Below is some numbers to put it into perspective.
If we had to edit 10 events in a row to update a small value in each event, currently it can add up to around 60 inputs to do this.
With my suggestion, it could be 20 inputs.
This speeds things up over twice the speed!

[Currently [6ish inputs]: Double click the event, click the field you want to edit (or tab tab a few times), type, then press Enter.]
(At min, 4 inputs if value is first in order in the Expression editor (3 inputs if you count doubleclick as 1 input))

[Suggestion [2 inputs]: Click on the value within the event , then type.
(Then the user can click elsewhere, or press Enter.)

If you want to take this further, could also have it so if you press TAB, then the focus ends on the current value, and goes to the next value in the event.
If no more values can be found, then TAB could take you to the next event entirely and focus on whatever first value it can find there, saving mouse input entirely for repetitve event editing.

This could also be further extended to have this work with Actions if you want to go all in!

Many thanks for reading, it's been great using this software!


  • Jase00
  • Mar 28 2020
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  • Guest commented
    30 Mar 05:59pm

    Another speed-up would be a method to quickly change a value (integer/float) by rolling the mouse wheel over the field. This would of course need to be done in conjunction with a key press (Ctrl+Shift for example) to avoid accidental changes.

  • Jase00 commented
    30 Mar 05:41pm

    Thanks bird boy!

  • bird boy commented
    30 Mar 10:29am

    Love this suggestion. It would speed up my workflow by so much.

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