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Translate search keywords

Currently, you can set the option to Translate expression.

but when translation is enabled, can't use English searching objects type, conditions, actions, behavior, effects

For example,

I want to Insert a new Sprite Object. i can't Search 'Sprite' ,

I want to add a platform behavior, i can't Search 'Platform' .

I want to add a condition Every tick, i can't Search 'Every tick' .

only can search with translated word, This is very inconvenient.

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  • Mar 17 2020
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  • Guest commented
    10 May 03:16pm

    For the English is not very good users, switch to the corresponding language, so that it can read. But Terminology in different languages may be translated into other words, which may be inconvenient for input methods and may require typing long words.

    For example, Chinese. The operation required to enter a Chinese is much more troublesome than the direct input of English.

    That is, the input box in the editor should allow the user to search for "invisible original keywords.

    When I'm asked to search for a 'Sprite' Object Type , it will search for the 'Sprite' in the current language, and if it doesn't, it will continue to search for the original 'Sprite' in the editor (text.plugins.sprite).

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    Ashley Gullen commented
    5 May 02:58pm

    It's not really clear to me why, if you have the whole user interface translated, you'd still want to search for an English term. If you know English, why not switch the user interface to display in English? Can you explain more about why you need this mix of languages?

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