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Sprite animation frame transition

So far, animation frame only allows to jump from one frame to another in a brutal way : frame 1, then frame 2. 

There are many situation in which it could be useful to make frame 2 appear after frame one gradually, like a cross over. To,achieve this effect, I usually use a video editing tool to,create the crossover and generate a succession of image. Then, a cross over effect uses about 3 to 5 frames depending the smoothness I need.

Imagine a option that allows animation to play with a cross fade effect between to frames, It will allow to dramatically reduce the number of frame needed and optimise memory use. It may also allow us to make better animations. 

  • laurent laurent
  • Apr 10 2017
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  • Wacky Toaster commented
    May 14, 2017 01:17

    I personally would never use that feature, can you show me an example of how that crossfading looks? Proper sprites use smearframes and other tricks along the principles of animation for this, old cartoons show this very well. example of a smearframe 

    Yes they look silly when not in motion. I see some applications for it though outside of character animations, so you get a vote from me.