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Continous Integration (Building c3p project via a command line)

The idea is to create builds out of a .c3p file via a command line.

For example:

In our workflow we are creating Playable Ads for various platforms (MRAID, Facebook, DAPI, etc.) and some of those are later localized.

Right now we need to keep separate projects for each combination of platform and language. This obviously can get out of hand quickly, to say the least.

With the possibility of building via a command line we could develop a toolchain to modify the base project to fit the specifications of each platform, creating new projects and then build those.

That way we just need to mantain the base project, any bug we solve, any modification we need to make, etc, could then be propagated to all the other versions.

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  • Feb 28 2020
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  • Mikal Dev commented
    8 Mar 05:51pm

    Since C3 is 'web' based - how about a special C3 editor URL which loads project (from local file project file folder), builds html5 version and downloads html5 project with options defined in the URL? We are looking for this also for CI for our git checkin testing.

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