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Recieve Share Data from other apps.

Hi, allowing construct 3 apps to receive share data from other apps will be extremely useful, as most apps support this now e.g you can share URLs from chrome, etc and having this functionality in a construct 3 app would be AWESOME! For example, you could let the user share a URL from chrome to the app and then have the app save it so the user can go back to that URL, etc. Also you could have your other c3 apps send data to your other app etc.

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  • Feb 10 2020
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  • May 5, 2021

    Admin response

    Receiving share data is more appropriate for social media applications, and possibly productivity tools like image editors. It's not clear that this is an appropriate feature for a game. For example one of the cited uses was to set a profile picture, but this is does not seem to be an appropriate use of receiving share data - it would be better to have an option to pick the profile picture in the game, instead of using the share mechanism.

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  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    18 Feb, 2020 01:44pm

    I'm not sure that's an appropriate use for this feature. Why would you mark the entire app as capable of sharing images in general, when you could just add an image picker for the profile picture in the app itself?

  • Guest commented
    11 Feb, 2020 07:19pm

    This is exactly what I was asking for! 

  • Guest commented
    11 Feb, 2020 07:16pm

    Hi Ashley, For example, lets say we want the user to be able to create a profile in your game for a leaderboard, etc, the user could share an image URL from chrome to your app and use it as their profile picture.

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    Ashley Gullen commented
    11 Feb, 2020 08:35am

    Construct is mainly designed for making games, and it's not clear why games would need this. What's your use case?

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