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Improve theme sdk to add custom theme to Debug

Add new css file in theme sdk, that is imported into debug css files.  Which give simple way to change debug window/dialog css.


Past altering debug window color and minor changes to design,  users should have ability to change debug window inspector position!


Currently we have inspector at bottom! Which I think, personally, has very bad usability, it was bad in C2 and now in C3. But C3 is now powered by CSS, so we should have easy way to change it.


! Even though it has been like this for countless years and some users might like it. But SDK should give ability to change it.


So what's bad or makes it bad, why is sdk change needed, past simple color changes? Taking into consideration user has window 50/50, so they can see layout and inspector.


Negative! Most cases are even worse on smaller screen(laptop)

  • All properties are not fully seen! You need to scroll to see full cell info, in most cases.
  • If you got more objects, you need to scroll to find correct object. (a lot less object on-screen), (costs a a lot of time each test/search)
  • If you got more instances, you need to scroll a lot to find right one, very frustrating.   (a lot less instances on-screen), (costs a lot of time each test)
  • In most cases, you always have to add properties to WATCH, to see them better.
  • Removing and making inspector seperated window, will cost a lot of time, when  a lot of  simple testing is needed !
  • Is different of most other software, where properties are mostly Right or Left, as it should be.
  • Even with few groups:  gpu and  cpu profilers are very bad to inspect. You need to change layout very small, to get better overall view! which alters GPU readings, this should not be like this!!!!!
  • If preview window is set to dialog, when you seperate inspector and click preview window, inspector will dissappear behaind browser! So seperating is not a option with dialog!



  • It's always been like this.
  • On some preview window sizes,  when your preview window Height is bigger then Width, it could be better. But most monitors are opposite! So it makes little sense to have it like it!
  • When having 2 monitors and second monitors is not used for something else, you can move inspector there. But it will cost again time and is exactly same if inspector would be left or right.



PS. Firefox had or still has bug! When it refreshes flex grids on debug mode and impacts on performance even on blank project. It makes firefox unusable as it is. On weaker pc, it made default FPS to ~40 and cpu 30% on blank project.  After few css alterations everything is fixed. And if inspector is on left or right, where properties are in one column mostly and it does not need to have flex. It would make firefox usable again! 

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  • Feb 2 2020
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  • Lucky Rawat commented
    21 May 05:29am

    I have also make a dark theme for Construct 3 and i also thought to do custom theme on debugger. So i wish to allow us to change debugger theme style too.