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Bulk edit

I think if scirra add a Bulk edit in the EVENT sheets, that would be helpful. For example, I have a lot of typo "name of variables" - -varaible01- -varaible02- -varaible03- -varaible04- and I want to edit it right (variable01... etc), with just a click, find all this typo and edit this, like the Rename on finder in Mac

  • Xavier Pincay
  • Nov 19 2019
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  • Guest commented
    23 Jun 09:42pm

    Hi Ashley.

    It's been some time, but have you seen the idea I linked above?

    Construct does not do that kind of bulk editing and it would be IMMENSELY helpful for me since I have currently in my project multiple 1000+ appearances of variables that eventually needed to be changed in the past and could be changed again in the future.

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov, 2019 10:27pm

    My point is not entirely the same as I wish I could change lets say a 1000 appearances of some variable to another, but I believe we share the overall point of bulk editing.

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov, 2019 10:21pm
  • Xavier Pincay commented
    19 Nov, 2019 07:31pm
  • Xavier Pincay commented
    19 Nov, 2019 07:30pm

    hi, yes and No,
    let me show you in something that I'm working on:

    I have several lines of actions, objects, names of items, etc in the Event sheet,
    A group of them are something like:

    1073 items more

    and I realize to become more efficient and organized I such renamed with a text on the beginning that let me know that I'm at a particular level (Lvl1_) Like:




    -Lvl1_blaster... etc

    so, instead of change one by one, If there a tool that changes all the names of all on a couple steps .... :

    1) Select all the items to edit
    2) change to "Lvl1_..."
    3) click edit

    boom! changed..

    make sense?

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    19 Nov, 2019 06:23pm

    Construct already updates all references everywhere when you rename something. Did you mean something else?

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