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FB Instant Games getConnectedPlayerEntriesAsync()

From version 6.2 of Facebook SDK there is an option to fetch score data for connected players.  On the current Construct implementation you can fetch leader board data and connected players data but with a huge limitation! What I mean:

- From leader boards you can get: profile photo, score, name (no Facebook ID)

- From connected players you can get: profile photo, name, Facebook ID (no score)

As you can understand there is no way to associate those two data sources (leader board and connected players). Even if there was a away, you need two separate requests from FB.

From connected players FB added the option to also fetch the score. So with just a simple iteration through "connected players" data you can get all the data you need for generating a custom leader board for example.

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  • Sep 20 2019
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  • Renato Duchini commented
    September 24, 2019 19:15

    Also without access to the connected players ID, you can't invite a friend  directly  (from a leadearbord) to a new context