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Split screen

Have a plugin  with the possibility to easily put 2 or more player on splited screen same layout.

  • Bertrand Constanty
  • Sep 10 2019
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  • Bertrand Constanty commented
    October 03, 2019 21:10

    I would like to add a comment, this subject would be a big plus vs competitor...and would allow to boost developper creativity with game being played with 2 or more persons on the same screen. it would be fun.....

  • Bertrand Constanty commented
    October 09, 2019 15:53

    Actually i have read that it is in game maker, I don't know if it is true. It is a real additional feature. Am i the only one interested in this feature?

  • Tibi Tircomnicu commented
    08 Jan 16:29

    I second this! Having to paste all the object onto the Drawing Canvas object is really taxing and might make the whole split-screen functionality of my game unachievable. Please, Scirra, this would be great!