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Better support for long expressions in the expression editor

I would be useful if the expression editor supported super long expressions better.


It solves many problems people have with the conditions, such as having "OR" and "AND" statements in the same condition, reduces complexity of the event sheet, and has way better performance.

for example i can make a bitwise auto-tiler using one event with a dictionary object

or detect floor below my character in a single expression 
and if floor is detected, I don't need to run another event separately, I can call a function from the expression editor to set the character's falling speed to 0, since the condition is already met in the expression editor, and not use the return value at all.

It's effecient this way because if it dosen't need to run the function, it won't run the code at all. 

skymen mentionned this in one of his tutorials ( and hopefully if more people know about it and it'S better supported then we get better games with better performance

  • Eleanor Jacques-Morel
  • Aug 31 2019
  • No status