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Cloud based SVN for teamwork

One of the issues of the web based C3 Editor is that we can't use an SVN in order to work in teams. So the idea of having a Cloud based SVN, or git control would allow to have this as a feature in Web C3. Plus, having this also supported by the desktop version would release the difficulty of having to set up a regular SVN ourselves. (Regular SVN still being a possibility when working in a VPS).

This would just be something to add to the cloud save button IMO. Still, I don't know the feasability of this.

Please note that this is NOT real time cooperation, this is exactly like a SVN would work on C2.
For real time cooperation, please refer to this suggestion:

  • skymen
  • Apr 6 2017
  • Not currently planned
  • Apr 18, 2017

    Admin Response

    We agree this is a compelling idea, but the feature outlined here would probably be a major project taking several months of research and engineering to implement and stabilise it. Adding to this is the fact the feature is relatively vaguely defined - there are a great many technical details to determine to implement such a high-level idea as "SVN in the cloud", which means there may be extra work prototyping a variety of approaches or researching possible implementation routes. At this time we are focusing on a few major projects such as the main C3 release, a new C3 runtime, and continuing to maintain C2. Consequently we do not feel we currently have the resources to address such an ambitious idea at this time. However we may well reconsider this in future. Meanwhile we'd prefer to focus on streamlining support for local source control, if there are any difficulties with using that.

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  • Ricardo Machado commented
    April 06, 2017 17:27

    Ok, we don't need real time collaboration, but a system like Unity's collab would be great!

  • skymen commented
    April 06, 2017 18:38

    Well a system like Unity's was pretty much what I asked for, but I guess Unity is too different to be considered the same as C3, so what is doable using Unity may not be doable using C3, given how they handle objects and code.

  • Vincent Pickering commented
    April 06, 2017 22:42

    +++ Would love to have this.

  • rexrainbow commented
    April 07, 2017 01:18

    Conflict resolution might be the first issue to be solved.

  • marcus langdale commented
    August 14, 2017 10:35

    Would love this feature. Without it, i feel i have little reason to buy C3.

  • Jonas Robertsson commented
    August 31, 2017 07:12

    Right now construct 3 is not made for team, atleast in construct 2 you can save the project with all the files "open" so that you can manually version control. So there are no reason for teams to use construct 3.

  • Guest commented
    May 03, 2018 19:39

    I would vote for this suggestion but for some reason the number of votes is limited and I can't anymore.