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Construct 3 Addon SDK : IStorage Addon Interface

Hi Ashley.

I hope I'm not disturbing. I would like to request for an IStorage addon interface for the Addon SDK. I planned to call localforage directly but I recall it's unadvised to use undocumented features. Hence, here I am.



I plan to create an addon to automate active-time session monitoring. Specifically both for offline & online games. Where for offline I need to automatically keep track of the last active session time, both online or offline.

The case for offline, I need it to be automatically recorded, with a timer to the localForage.



I was hoping for the basic things like getsetremoveclear.

But if you could consider giving us an option to create our own Instance Key instead of the regular c3-localstorage-id-description, then it would be really great, so we can make it feel like everything is really automated when it's hidden from obstruction, it really helps in development and organization.



I've thought about that, although there are things that you just need as addons, like this addon.

The best workflow I've came up is:

  1. Addons: World objects & complicated stuffs that need a simplification wrapper.
  2. Events: Editor core-features that are easier to use for tasks with events.
  3. Scripting: Complex stuffs that are easier and better in performance with JS.

That's why I'd need an addon for this one.


That's all, hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.


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  • ChadoriXD
  • Aug 12 2019
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  • ChadoriXD commented
    12 Aug, 2019 10:37pm

    Also, these look useful, for key generation.

    •  GetProjectUniqueID()

    •  GetProjectName()
    •  GetProjectDescription()