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Transitions between layouts

Slide left, right, up or down between layouts with simple or tween movement, drop new layout as overlay, fade from a layout to another etc...


1. It is very useful for dropping menus or sliding from a page to another with just a swipe

2. Would be great for inexperienced construct users and reduces lines of code

3. Unofficial plugin doesn't work well with c3 and it is very slow on mobile (in c2, on laptop works fine)

4. Snapshot & load from url methods, work well on pc or laptop but not on mobile devices. Especially for big projects. It takes 3 or more seconds to take and load a snapshot of canvas before you go from a layout to another.. This makes the game unplayable.

5. The existing transition examples in start page don't have slide templates and don't blend or merge two layouts together. They apply only on one layout.

Transitions between layouts make the apps more alive! I think it's a must :)

  • Dramamini
  • Aug 7 2019
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