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Add DrawingCanvas Set-angle action

I'm trying to replace Paster in my projects, but just found out you can't rotate the Drawing Canvas. Pinning to a sprite and rotating the sprite produces odd results with the Drawing Canvas object - it squashes/elongates rather than rotating.

  • David Taylor
  • Jul 28 2019
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  • Hugo G commented
    29 Jul 19:31

    is it possible to paste sprites offscreen?

  • Leon Brzez commented
    24 Jul 08:58

    130 votes but DrawingCanvas plugin still doesn't support rotations.

    A large number of projects cannot be ported to C3 due to this limitation.

  • ILLIA BEL commented
    16 Jun 17:58

    My game uses the Canvas angle setting. I can't continue developing the game without this feature. Construct command please add Set angle for the Canvas plugin.

  • Andy Ford commented
    20 May 17:02

    Yes! Definitely need this! At the moment, my game looks terrible. I use the Drawing Canvas Paste feature to have blood splatter appear on a spinning blade. In Construct 2 it worked fine with the Paster object, but in Construct 3 I get squashed results with each rotation.

    The number of steps back I've taken making the transition over from Construct 2 to 3 is getting very frustrating.