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Writing C3 effects is good, better than C2, but now when we want to write easy effects that "looks" at other pixels, like an outline effect, or a chromatic aberration effect or anything that's not your typical take pixel, divide alpha by two, export result, we need to deal with spritesheeting potentially breaking the effect. Thus here are a few ideas for uniforms that would be good to have by default:

nTex: vTex but normalized between 0 and 1
pTex: The position in "in game" pixels of the current pixel to be treated, for effects that need to stay on the in game pixel grid (and not subpixel)
spriteSize: The real size of the sprite in in game pixels
nPixelSize: The pixelSize but adapted to the normalized to work with nTex

backgroundTex: The position of the pixel on the background

wallclocktime: The actual time in seconds, not affected by timescale
timescale: the timescale

Most of these can already be found using a formula, some cannot. At the very least I'm just asking for more docs about effects, maybe some examples, or at least open the sources for the vanilla effects so that we can learn from them. 

Overall, just pleaaaaase give more love to effects.

  • skymen
  • Jul 17 2019
  • No status