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Standalone/desktop version of Construct 3

I think that request pretty straight forward, and many users will support that request/suggestion.

From my side I can say that Web version working better than I thought, but have many technical limitations that do not suitable with my proffesional methods/approaches of work. Starting from inability to open files by their extension and saving only to Download... working offline... GitHub... privacy policies...  up to policies of the company I'm working in.

  • Yura G
  • Apr 5 2017
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    Ashley Gullen commented
    April 05, 2017 13:34

    Can you explain how the privacy policies of the company you're working at affect this?

  • Pixel Metal commented
    April 05, 2017 23:20

    I can explain that.

    Companies (especially the big ones) often use some form of web filtering software to block URLs which are registered on a list of topics they don't want their employees browsing. For example, at one of my client's offices, "games" is one of the blacklisted topics, meaning I can't get to or, and I receive a message regarding why the site was blocked ("banned topic: games"). I can't even get to my own game's sites for the same reason.

    In an environment like that, having a standalone build would be VERY useful, and could be a big issue if C3 was being used to develop and preview a project for that company. to the point where it could prevent the project from happening (or the use of 3).

  • Yura G commented
    April 06, 2017 08:52

    Re: "Can you explain how the privacy policies of the company you're working at affect this?"
    Maybe it is not correct to call it as a "privacy policies", my bad, and I said it seperetly fro "company policies" but I'll explain.
    Some company policy issues:

    • Having desktop version allows us to make some tweeking to make automatic deployment in to our testing enviromnets by a press of a button.
    • We must work with specific versions of Construct, because every update may brake old games (he have more than 50 html5 games) or brake some of our plugins, we cannot allow auto-updates, we must test the update before we are going to use it.
    • We have our own plugins that we should see how we can use them without uploading them to the plugin manager.
    • When we testing games we must clear cash and all the the browser data, so every time we will need to upload the construct (and again, it pushes the latest version)
    • We want to use our own cloud/server saves, we dont want to share our data on others servers outside the company.
    • We dont see how we can work with Git-like-programs on the web based software when we cant even save files in other directories...
  • Alex Falkenberg commented
    August 07, 2017 17:16

    This is not just an issue from corporate locations/networks, but also a great many schools, at least in the US but probably elsewhere as well, where URLs related to all kinds of topics--in the case "gaming"--are filtered and blocked outright. I was surprised how unaware Scirra seemed of this when I brought it up on Twitter some time ago now... i'd imagine they'd want kids and schools to have as much access as possible.

  • Daniell Mesquita commented
    November 27, 2017 20:43

    Also, the Electron version needs to support elements in the window title like Construct 2 does: Ribbon UI.

  • Alex Filipowski commented
    19 Jun 10:47

    I agree with this. There are certain things that cloud processing works well at. However there are some cases where a desktop build of an application is important. For example if you want to test something but are worried that a future update will break it or if you need to operate somewhere without a working internet connection.